You know what they say about first impressions? They last forever!

Your eyewear helps you create it and leaves a lasting impression of your personality  every time you walk into a room.

It can make you look classy, it can make you look quirky, it can make you look geeky. Your eye accessory helps you switch from one look to another in a painless, inexpensive way in the blink of an eye.

 If a cocktail party calls for a formal gown, an office meeting for a suit and a tie, and a beachcation for a bikini, then why wear the same old frames to all occasions?

Don't just match your clothes and shoes....match your eyewear too! 

Our aim at Rosvin bugs is to help create an eyewear wardrobe at pocket-friendly prices. We believe in setting trends with our frames. Your Rosvin Bugs don't just complement your face shape but also your ensemble.

 Make a statement with our new fall collection. To jazz up your wardrobe we have played around with colors, styles and other whimsical details. You can keep it classy with our Believers or quirky with our Hamiltons or make heads turn with our Grandmasters.


Gone are those days when people associated spectacles with nerds and geeks. Your spectacles give you a distinct and distinguishable identity. Whether they are Harry Potter's classy round glasses or Dexter's offbeat half-moon glasses.

You can now upgrade your look without having to poke your eyes with lenses. Try our Midnight 1 and Midnight 2, glasses that you can never go wrong with.


The fashion market is the most dynamic market, with trends changing every hour. If you change your clothes and footwear every day, why not change your glasses too? 

Your eyewear is more than what you think it is! It's not just a necessity but also a luxury and a fashion accessory.